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we are wanaka


Born from a passion for adventure.

Designed for exploring wild places.

Built to last a lifetime.




The proof is in the details


The Wanaka Adventure Pack


Adapt Adventure System

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The Wanaka Adventure Pack and Adapt Adventure System are all integrated into one ultimate adventure backpack. This 24L daypack solves many of the problems we face while traveling because it's way more than a backpack. For traveling, it packs small into a self contained pocket or can function like a compression sack to save you packing space. When it's time to adventure, you can blow up the packs inflatable frame so it distributes weight like it should. It's dynamic design provides functions such as: fanny pack, adventure sling, camera case, cooler, dry bag, laundry bag, and more. 

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Adventure SLing

The top of the pack zips off and can be worn independently as a fanny pack or sling. This makes managing travel documents, keeping valuables save, and carrying the bare essentials on that adventure a breeze. For high output activities such as biking or running, the three point contact system eliminates sway and bounce and the optional 1L hydration bladder keeps you hydrated. 

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Camera Case

Made from high density foam and water resistant double ripstop nylon, the integrated camera case provides complete protection for your camera gear and valuables. It is designed to fit perfectly in the lower backpack compartment but it can also be worn independent as a sling. When it's time to kick back and chill after a long adventure, the camera case also doubles as a cooler. 

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